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The Amazing Popularity of Uber

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06 07-2015
The Amazing Popularity of Uber

Uber is completely changing the way private transportation is done in many key areas. First, their smartphone app is integrated with Google maps so that you get to see how many cars are close to you, set a meeting point on the screen, and simply request the car to meet you there. The coolest part is that you can see your driver’s information, rates and watch the car get closer to your location. The app is very user-friendly and simple, plus if you are sending a loved one off in an Uber, you can track the ride all the way to their destination for peace of mind.
Many early riders were very impressed with the ability to call a car from their phone with just a couple taps. These new clients were immediately amazed by the smooth and simple experience that they became new users and spread the word amongst family and friends. All drivers are put through an extensive background check and this service is very safe on top of being super convenient and simple.


Uber’s key to growth is simple, they offer a great and much needed service. Uber provides a solution to a real problem that impacts millions of people. They have begun to monopolize the transportation services that have existed for a long time in many cities and made the experience a simple, quick, and enjoyable experience in comparison to a traditional Taxi.

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