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Uber connects you with drivers in seconds allowing you to get a private car or rideshare in many cities worldwide. Many of you may know that Uber gives everyone a free first ride via the UBERVIP70 code among others but it ONLY works on your first ride after signup. Well we have good news for you…

The programmers and computer science engineers behind this very awesome website have developed a custom algorithm allowing us to spit out working Uber promo codes for existing users. We have been using these codes for a few months and have decided to share it with people that land on the Uber Free Rides website. At some point, we may start charging a small fee but for now you will NOT have to spend a penny. Take a look around then click the button below to get your exclusive code for Uber.

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Every single Uber promo code generated is exclusive and one of a kind based on our custom algorithm delivered to you in real time.

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Simply click on one of the buttons to visit the page that provides you a premium promo code. That’s it!

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If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact us. Typical response time is 24 hrs.

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We are constantly updating our system programming to keep up with changes in the Uber system.

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  • Tes4

    Jean rollings

    I said bye bye to taxis a while ago. Uber is an amazing service and thanks to FreeUberRides, I save a considerable amount of money that can go to horrible things like college tuition! lol

  • Tes3

    Alex stein

    I absolutely love Uber but you know what I love even more!? Getting free rides a few times a month without spending a penny! Ignore the other fake websites out there...this one is the real deal!

  • Tes1

    Jake daniels

    Just used my promo code for a 30 mile Uber ride. Thanks for saving me a good chuck of change!

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